Secure Email

My Efact Secure Email

My Efact’s secure email solution is included free with your subscription to My Efact. It allows you to securely and easily send encrypted documents via email. Recent regulations including Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 and FTC rules have made it clear that sending personal information such as social security numbers over normal, unencrypted email is no longer acceptable.

  • Unlimited Users!
  • PDF format can be read by PCs, Macs, and many smartphones
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook(tm). Compatible with Exchange. Makes sending encrypted emails with outlook as easy as printing a document!
  • 128-bit RC4 email encryption
  • Simple secure  attachment-based system does not require recipients to sign up or install special software like some encrypted email providers require.

Today, there are so many risks with hacking, regulatory compliance and identity theft that you really can’t afford to send unencrypted emails containing sensitive or personal information.  However, many encrypted email security systems use encryption technology that is difficult to use and difficult for recipients to receive.  Our email encryption solution uses simple encrypted PDF attachments that can be read on virtually any platform that supports PDF files.  It sends securely through your Outlook so you don’t need to learn another mail program.  If you are looking for an encrypted email system, you should really give My Efact: Paperless Office a try.

But Wait: There’s More Than Just Email Encryption!

In addition to being an incredible, affordable, easy-to-use secure email solution, My Efact: Paperless Office is also a complete hosted document management system. Go Paperless with My Efact Paperless Office and you can scan and retrieve documents from anywhere without having to invest in your own document management server.  If you need an encrypted email service for your email encryption,  please think about giving My Efact Paperless Office a try.