Case Study: Real Estate Conveyancer

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Efact’s earliest customers were real estate conveyancers. The proper transfer of real estate entails a number of steps as called for by common law, mortgage holders, leinholders, municipalities, federal and state statutory law, and all related regulation.

That means paperwork, and lots of it.

My Efact replaces the countless filing cabinets and reams of paper with a cost-effective electronic solution. After scanning in the documents, they are safely archived and can be quickly retrieved for later viewing and emailing. Each document can also carry with it the equivalent of a “sticky note,” a quick note that appears along with the file information. This is handy to use for quick notes concerning this file for others in the office to review, such as “do not email this to the ex husband!”

Some conveyancers take it one step further, by burning the homebuyer a copy of his closing documents onto a CD. My Efact offers black CDs with your logo and contact information pre-printed on them, a valuable marketing tool. My Efact makes it easy to burn documents directly to CD.

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