Brother MFC-7840W Multifunction Scanner Review

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The Efact USA test labs recently got our hands on a Brother MFC-7840W Multifunction copier/scanner/printer/fax machine. Here is a quick rundown:

  • 35-page input tray (we were actually able to fit up to about 60 pages) plus flatbed
  • Single-sided scanning only
  • No page size auto-detection
  • At 200DPI
  • In our tests, around 10 pages per minute black and white 200DPI (faster at lower DPI)
  • Network scanning support (NOTE: we do NOT typically recommend network scanning for high-volume scanning needs)
  • Monochrome laser printer, fax machine, and copier all built in
  • Wireless networking support


  • Price!  Much better than any other scanners at this price range.
  • Much faster than a flatbed
  • Also includes a flatbed
  • Relatively easy setup
  • Print, fax, and copy features


  • Some problems with double-feeds
  • Some problems with skew
  • Not appropriate for high-volume scanning
  • Lack of page size autodetect means it is inconvenient for people doing a lot of mixed-size scanning
  • Single sided scanning means you will need to scan any double sided document twice

Before we got ahold of the Brother MFC-7840W we maintained that most document-fed scanners below the ~$800 level were not worth purchasing, due to driver issues, jamming issues, double feeds, roller problems, maintenance problems, etc.  However, this little device may just fit a niche for the small office that only needs to scan a couple hundred pages per day or less.   The price is hard to beat, and there is a USB version that is even more affordable which we should be reviewing soon.  Again, if you are looking to scan in a backlog of old files out of storage, digitizing box after box of paper, this scanner is not appropriate.  At this price, you have to expect there will be jamming, doublefeeds, and similar problems.   But if your office already has a high-volume scanner this might be a great secondary scanner to drop on a few employees’ desks.

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